Concrete manufacturing in concrete batching plants

Ready-mix concrete market in Poland 2024-2029

For the purposes of this report, the ready-mix concrete market is defined as the manufacturing of concrete by mobile concrete batching plants (supplying concrete directly to major construction sites) and stationary concrete batching plants from which concrete is delivered to construction site by concrete mixer trucks or dump trucks (in the case of dry concrete).

The ready-mix concrete market does not include regular concrete that is usually made in small quantities directly on the construction site in mixers. Either, it does not include concrete used to make concrete products, which are discussed in a separate report  entitled “Sector of concrete products in Poland”.

As far as the volume of the ready-mix concrete market is concerned, it has been stable for several years. However, the number of concrete batching plants has consistently grown. There are currently around 1,100 ready mix concrete plants in Poland (compared to less than 1,000 just five years ago), which are owned by over 500 producers. Still, most of these companies achieve very low revenues.

The report features a comparative analysis of 200 lead producers of ready-mix concrete. Having analysed the number of companies which were not covered in this report that discusses the top 200 manufacturers, and the value of their revenue (these firms were too small or had limited revenue contribution from ready-mix concrete), we estimate that the 200 companies presented in the report account for around 85% of the ready-mix concrete market in Poland.


Further market categories presented in the report:

  • Regional production breakdown into 16 regions
  • Consumption of concrete by construction segment
  • Market divided into mobile concrete batching plants and stationary concrete batching plants.

What you can find in the report:

  • Historical and projected value of the ready-mix concrete market
  • Historical and projected volume of the ready-mix concrete market (in million tonnes and million m3)
  • Consumption of ready-mix concrete by construction market segment
  • SWOT analysis of the ready mix concrete market in Poland
  • The sector’s geographical structure and an analysis of the regional potential
  • List of manufacturing plants operated by companies presented in the report
  • An analysis of financial results for the leading manufacturers
  • Profiles of top 50 ready-mix concrete producers
  • Employment figures for the manufacturers.

Companies covered in the report:

The report reviews the top 200 manufacturers, beginning from the market leaders (in alphabetical order: Bosta Beton, Cemex Polska, Górażdże Beton, Holcim Polska) through to companies reporting up to PLN 10m in revenue. These companies also include Abet, Berger Beton, Betoniarnie Odra, Betonmix, BT Topbeton, Budokrusz, Częstobet, Durabet, Dyckerhoff Polska, General Beton, Gryfbeton, Krakbet, Mobilbet, Nordbeton, Ren Bet, Thomas Beton, Trans Rem, Uni Bet, Warbud Beton and WBT Xbet.



The report will be accompanied by a detailed Excel database.

Information you can obtain from the database:

  • Full company name
  • Website
  • REGON (industry identification number)
  • NIP (tax identification number)
  • KRS (national court register number)
  • Revenue (by period)
  • Net financial profit/loss (by period)
  • Total headcount – total (by period)
  • Total headcount – production workers (by period)
  • Total headcount – clerical workers (by period)
  • Contact details of production plants.

The report will be particularly useful when:

  • Analysing trends in the sector
  • Monitoring the market on a regular basis
  • Drawing up market reports
  • Expanding in the sector of ready mix concrete
  • Examining how your company performs relative to its peers
  • Estimating a market share
  • Seeking new supplies
  • Identifying potential targets for acquisition
  • Calculating the consumption of selected materials or semi-finished goods (e.g. cement, aggregate, admixtures).

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