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Industry Europe | Big profit rise for Polish construction firms

05 Apr 2019

A recent report has shown a huge rise in profits for construction firms in Poland in the past year. The report, entitled The Construction Market in Poland 2019-2025, and published by research firm Spectis, has shown that, in 2018, large and medium-sized construction firms generated a total net profit of 4.3 billion zloty (ca. €1-billion).

Biznes Polska | Polish construction firms see big rise in profits

04 Apr 2019

Poland’s medium-sized construction firms and large construction companies generated a total net profit of 4.3 billion zloty (around one billion euros) in 2018, compared to 2.9 billion zloty in the preceding year, according to a new report published by the research firm Spectis.

Eurobuild | Builders back in profit

03 Apr 2019

POLAND Medium and large-sized construction companies generated a total net profit of PLN 4.3bln in 2018, compared to PLN 2.9 bln in the previous year, according to the "Construction market in Poland 2019-2025" report published by Spectis.

KHL | Poland still faces risks

03 Apr 2019

Construction industry research specialist Spectis said that loss-making contracts whose prices were set at the time of increased competition would still be pursued and billed in 2019 and 2020. It forecast, however, that fewer of them would be active, and that backlogs would start mostly to consist of contracts that were valued more conservatively.

Europa Property | Small companies drive growth of Polish exports of construction services

24 Jan 2019

The latest report by research company Spectis, entitled “Construction companies in Poland 2018-2022 – Comparative analysis and profiles of 40 leading contractors”, finds that exports generated by domestic construction companies surged in 2016 and 2017 (up by 19 percent and 16 percent, year on year), topping PLN 6.5 billion (€1.55 billion) in 2017, after a spell of stable exports in 2011-2015.

Emerging Europe | Small companies drive growth of Polish construction service exports

22 Jan 2019

Polish construction companies generated 1.55 billion euros in revenue on foreign markets in 2017, an all time high. However, according to Spectis, a company which provides research support services to executives from the construction industry, the market is still below the potential of domestic contractors.

Eurobuild | Polish contractors venture abroad

21 Jan 2019

POLAND. The exports of Polish construction companies have hit an all-time high of EUR 1.55 bln, according to the latest report by Spectis: ‘Construction companies in Poland 2018-2022’.

KHL | Polish contractors suffer

04 Jan 2019

Polish contractors listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) have shown negative profitability for the fourth consecutive quarter, according to a report by research company Spectis.

Emerging Europe | Construction companies in Poland show negative profitability for fourth straight quarter

21 Dec 2018

The findings of Construction Market in Poland – December 2018 show that the aggregate net profit of the 22 construction groups listed on the WSE totalled nearly 170 million zloty (approximately 40 million euros) in the third quarter of 2018, compared to net profit of 162 million zloty (38 million euros) registered in the corresponding period of 2017.

Europa Property | Construction companies in Poland show negative profitability for fourth straight quarter

21 Dec 2018

According to research company Spectis, profitability of 22 construction groups listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange continued in the negative territory throughout Q3 2018.

Eurobuild | General contractors in shtuck

20 Dec 2018

Unlike suppliers or property developers, construction companies have limited ability to pass on rising costs to their final customers. When they attempt to do so, the contracts are often cancelled with an estimated 15-20% of construction work orders in 2018 cancelled due to the fact that the bids made came in over-budget.

Budma | Construction industry in Poland – Statistic data and prognosis

20 Feb 2018

The final data for 2017 will be published by the Central Statistical Office only at the end of 2018. However - as explained in the report of the research company Spectis titled “Construction Market in Poland 2018 – 2025” - knowing the preliminary results of large construction companies and taking into account the trends in single-family and non-residential construction, estimates can be made.