3000 major construction projects

Database of top 3000 major construction projects

The database is a valuable source of information about construction projects in various stages of planning, preparation, and implementation. We keep track of large and medium-sized projects that will have a bearing on the growth of the Polish construction sector in the future. We carefully monitor both building construction and civil engineering construction segments. To ensure that we have a complete view of the market, we review not only new structures but also extension, upgrade, and renewal work.


Parameters of database projects

  • Project name
  • Location
  • Voivodship
  • Net value/estimated value
  • Stage of development (preliminary concept, planning, tender, construction/project completed, project on hold, project discontinued)
  • General contractor
  • Investor
  • Construction start
  • Construction completion
  • Construction market segment


Construction market segments monitored in the database

  • One-dwelling buildings (PKOB 111)
  • Two and more dwelling buildings (PKOB 112)
  • Residences for communities (PKOB 113)
  • Hotels and tourist accommodation buildings (PKOB 121)
  • Office buildings (PKOB 122)
  • Retail and service buildings (PKOB 123)
  • Traffic and communication buildings (PKOB 124)
  • Industrial and warehouse buildings (PKOB 125)
  • Public-utility buildings (PKOB 126)
  • Motorways, expressways, streets and roads (PKOB 211)
  • Railways, suspension and elevated railways (PKOB 212)
  • Airfield runways (PKOB 213)
  • Bridges, elevated highways, tunnels and subways (PKOB 214)
  • Harbours, waterways, dams and other waterworks (PKOB 215)
  • Long-distance pipelines, communication and electricity power lines (PKOB 221)
  • Local pipelines and cables (PKOB 222)
  • Complex constructions on industrial sites (PKOB 230)
  • Sport and recreations constructions (PKOB 241)

[PKOB - Polish Classification of Types of Construction]


Projects detailed in the database by company

We present investment projects of many companies operating in the residential construction segment, including major market players, such as Dom Development, Robyg, Murapol, Atal, Develia, Archicom, Spravia, Ronson, and Inpro, as well as several dozen other big companies.

Major project owners in the non-residential construction segment will include in the coming years Panattoni, Hillwood, CTP, MLP Group, Echo Investment, Ghelamco, Cavatina, Vastint, Arche, Intel, Umicore, and Mercedes Benz.

Companies that will be relevant market players in the civil engineering construction segment with the biggest influence on the volume of projects include GDDKiA, PKP PLK, Orlen, CPK, PGE, Westinghouse, PSE, Tauron, Enea, Metro Warszawskie, Gaz-System, Polenergia, Synthos, PERN, and Wody Polskie. Important project owners (in terms of number) in the civil engineering construction segment also feature the local authorities across Poland and institutions governed by them (e.g. Regional Road Administration Authorities, ZDW).



Key issues addressed by the database

  • The largest projects planned in individual market segments
  • Investment plans of key investors from both public and private sectors
  • Projects slated for launch in the coming months
  • Ongoing contracts of construction companies
  • Cities with the most residential construction projects in the coming years
  • Regions with the most tenders for civil engineering works expected in the future
  • Investment strategies followed by commercial developers
  • Forecasts predicting investment peaks in individual construction segments or regions
  • Companies most active in recent years in selected construction segments or location.


Key application of the database for business operations

  • Monitoring of investment activity in regions, towns, cities, or segments
  • Identification of segments/regions/towns/cities with the most potential
  • Evaluation of competitive environment
  • Regional business expansion
  • Strengthening presence in selected regions
  • Searching for clients or business partners
  • Boosting investment sale processes
  • Strategic planning based on real investment trends.


Database updates

The database is updated at least quarterly.


Database format

The database is available as a downloadable Excel file and it can be conveniently searched and ordered by various parameters.


Minimum value of projects detailed in the database

Over PLN 10m for building construction projects. Regarding civil engineering construction projects, the minimum project value is PLN 20m.


Total value of projects monitored in the database

The combined value of projects included in the database is over PLN 1.1bn and counting!

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