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Construction market in Poland

“Construction market in Poland” is a package of 12 monthly issues available with your annual subscription. Each report features a review of the latest statistics and market trends. The reports include monthly and quarterly statistical data, year-on-year growth rates and projections for final full-year results. Additionally, in every issue we provide our analyses and commentaries from SPECTIS experts with a unique perspective on the market. The reports are a valuable help in monitoring and interpreting the latest key developments, trends, and industry statistics so you can keep your finger on the construction industry’s pulse.



Information and data you can find in the monthly reports

  • Short-term macroeconomic forecasts
  • Forecasts for construction and assembly output for three quarters ahead
  • Forecasts for unemployment rate and growth of wages and employment
  • Order books of top 20 construction groups
  • Number of contracts for the sale of flats signed by top home developers
  • Trends in the modern commercial space sector
  • Public procurement orders for construction work
  • Advances in the implementation of the National Railway Programme
  • Contracts for GDDKiA projects
  • Mortgage loans and housing prices
  • Construction output by type of structure
  • Construction permits
  • Production growth in 50 categories of construction materials
  • Confidence index and market barriers
  • Financial standing of the construction sector
  • Price trends
  • Financial results of construction companies and home developers
  • Number of construction companies
  • Advances in utilisation of EU funds
  • Selected indicators for voivodships and cities.


Construction market segments monitored in monthly reports

  • One-dwelling buildings (PKOB 111)
  • Two and more dwelling buildings (PKOB 112)
  • Residences for communities (PKOB 113)
  • Hotels and tourist accommodation buildings (PKOB 121)
  • Office buildings (PKOB 122)
  • Retail and service buildings (PKOB 123)
  • Transport and communication buildings (PKOB 124)
  • Industrial and warehouse buildings (PKOB 125)
  • Public-utility buildings (PKOB 126)
  • Motorways, expressways, streets and roads (PKOB 211)
  • Railways, suspension and elevated railways (PKOB 212)
  • Airport runways (PKOB 213)
  • Bridges, elevated highways, tunnels and subways (PKOB 214)
  • Harbours, waterways, dams and other waterworks (PKOB 215)
  • Long-distance pipelines, communication and electricity power lines (PKOB 221)
  • Local pipelines and cables (PKOB 222)
  • Complex constructions on industrial sites (PKOB 230)
  • Sport and recreations constructions (PKOB 241).

[PKOB - Polish Classification of Types of Construction]


Key issues addressed by monthly reports:

  • Trends affecting key leading indicators for the construction industry
  • Macroeconomic forecasts for the coming quarters
  • Changes in construction and assembly output for individual segments and sub-segments in recent quarters
  • Expected changes in the growth of construction and assembly output in the coming quarters
  • Construction permits issued in recent quarters
  • Segment of residential construction showing better results: single-family buildings vs. multi-dwelling buildings
  • Current trend in modern commercial space
  • Current stage of business cycle for public procurement processes
  • Pace of construction materials production growth rate: fastest vs. slowest
  • Performance of construction companies, home developers, suppliers of construction materials
  • Current standing of the labour market in the construction sector
  • Expert and policy-maker opinions on the current condition of the construction market.


Monthly reports will be particularly useful when:

  • Monitoring the market on a regular basis
  • Drawing up market reports
  • Forecasting market demand
  • Reporting to the head office
  • Setting sales targets
  • Preparing comparative analysis for segments
  • Planning marketing activities
  • Providing additional inputs to internal databases
  • Setting key performance indicators.


Format of monthly reports

Monthly reports are distributed in PDF format, while the accompanying statistics database is available as an Excel file.


Language of monthly reports

Monthly reports are available in both Polish and English.


Size of monthly reports

Each monthly report spans over 70 pages.


Number of charts in monthly reports

Each report contains more than 200 charts, graphs and tables. As new market data emerges, we consistently expand the range of information presented in our monthly publication.

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