Analysis of existing building resources and original forecasts.

Building repair and improvement market in Poland 2024-2030

The report “Building repair and improvement market in Poland” is focused on the future of the broadly-defined repair and improvement market with a special emphasis put on the building construction segment. Key components of the report include a detailed review of the existing building stock and proprietary and seven-year forecasts for the three main segments of the construction market – residential, non-residential and civil engineering – as well as several sub-segments, such as single-family buildings, multi-dwelling buildings, hotels, office buildings, retail buildings, public buildings, industrial and warehouse buildings, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, power-generation facilities, and transmission and distribution networks.

The report also lists around 200 major building repair and improvement projects underway and planned in Poland.

Expert commentaries represent a valuable feature of the report as they provide additional insights for a better understanding of the current and future market situation and help identify opportunities and threats facing market players.


Since Poland is still a developing economy, most funds are spent on new construction projects. Therefore, building repairs and improvements do not yet represent as high a share in the total construction market as they do in the developed countries of Western Europe. However, the situation will evolve as time passes, driven by a myriad of factors, including the EU’s environmental policies. However, even relatively new buildings require regular inspection, maintenance and servicing. Additionally, since there will be more of older buildings over the course of time, spending on upgrades and improvements will also grow. These factors should gradually shift the focus of the construction sector’s activity to repair and improvement projects.


What you can find in the report:

  • Seven-year forecasts for construction output generated in the three segments and several sub-segments of the construction industry focusing on repair and improvement issues
  • Construction output generated by large construction companies, small businesses, and private individuals
  • Ongoing legislative changes at the national and EU levels, evaluation of the changes and their impact on the market
  • Total stock of residential and non-residential buildings in Poland by building type
  • SWOT analyses for each segment of the construction market
  • Evaluation of the technical condition of the housing stock in Poland compared to other EU states
  • Overview of major building upgrade projects planned
  • Historical time series going back to 2005.

Key issues addressed in the report

  • Key differences between repairs and improvements from the legal, technical and accounting point of view
  • Shares of repairs and improvements in the total value of the construction market in Poland
  • Total value of the Polish building repair and improvement market
  • Our forecasts for the segment’s value growth in the next seven years
  • EU funds Poland can receive for building improvement and raising energy efficiency of buildings
  • Areas of the repair and improvement market with the strongest outlook
  • Changes to the Polish law that will have a key impact on the repair and improvement market
  • How and when the European Green Deal and Fit for 55 Package affect the situation in the repair and improvement market
  • The effect of amending the EPBD, the EED, the IED, and the RED on the repair market
  • Poles’ repair spending compared to spending in other European countries
  • Effects of the Thermal Modernisation and Renovation Fund (FTiR)
  • Potential for the implementation of the government’s Long-Term Building Renovation Strategy
  • Poland’s potential for repair and improvement work in voivodships
  • Potential for improvement of large-panel buildings
  • Effect of the Clean Air scheme on the repair and improvement market
  • Biggest beneficiaries of the EU’s Fit for 55 package among construction segments
  • Housing deprivation in Poland compared to other European countries
  • Number of repair projects completed by housing cooperatives and home owner associations
  • Most urgent home repair needs reported by Poles
  • Age structure of the housing stock in Poland compared to other European countries.


Key application of the report for business operations

  • Identifying the most prospective market areas
  • Implementing the repair and improvement segment in the company strategy
  • Making demand forecasts for building materials and services
  • Assessing how EU policies shape the outlook for improvement projects
  • Monitoring major trends relevant to the repair and improvement market
  • Drawing up market reports
  • Reviewing key building projects in terms of repair and improvement.

Segments and subsegments covered by this report:

  • Residential construction:
    • Single-family housing
    • Multi-dwelling buildings
    • Collective accommodation buildings
  • Non-residential construction:
    • Hotel construction
    • Office construction
    • Retail and service construction
    • Transport and communications buildings
    • Industrial and warehouse construction
    • Public building construction
    • Other non-residential buildings (mainly agricultural)
  • Civil engineering construction:
    • Road construction
    • Railway construction
    • Bridge and tunnel construction
    • Hydro engineering
    • Transmission construction
    • Water and sewage construction
    • Power engineering and heavy industry construction
    • Sports and recreation construction.

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