Large-size elements for building and engineering construction

Sector of heavy precast concrete products in Poland 2024-2029

The construction labour shortage, rapidly rising wages of manual workers and the growing pressure on speeding up the investment process have been the main factors that ended up in a major upturn in the Polish heavy concrete prefabrication market, which commenced in both building construction and civil engineering construction in recent years.

For the purposes of this report, the sector of heavy precast concrete products is defined as the manufacturing of reinforced concrete products and compressed concrete products conducted by specialist prefabrication plants.

Products covered in the report can be divided into two main categories, which are further divided into at least several sub-categories:


  • Structural precast units mostly used in building construction (foundations, columns, beams, floor slabs, walls, stairs, bathroom modules, docks)
  • Precast units for civil engineering works (bridge beams, foundation piles, road slabs, tram slabs, railway sleepers, retaining walls, sound barriers, tunnel tubing elements, lighting and electricity poles, posts and towers).


In most cases, products presented in the report are manufactured to order, though it is not mandatory for a product to be classified under the category of heavy precast concrete products. For instance, numerous floor slab units and pretensioned prestressed concrete sleepers are available on the spot rather than custom ordered. Still, they are classified as heavy precast concrete products.

On the other hand, concrete piping and related products (wells, septic tanks, culverts, drainage) have been excluded from the category of heavy precast units as they are discussed in detail along with heavy precast units, concrete paving blocks, autoclaved aerated concrete, and concrete roofing products in a more detailed market report on concrete products.

Having analysed the number of companies which were not covered in this report that discusses the top 50 producers, and the value of their revenue, we estimate the 50 companies presented in the report account for around 90% of the market of heavy precast concrete products in Poland.


Information you can find in the report:

  • Historical and projected value of the heavy precast concrete products market
  • SWOT analysis of the sector of heavy precast concrete products in Poland
  • Segment structure of the sector by size and value of production output
  • Geographical structure of the sector and analysis of the regional potential
  • List of manufacturing plants operated by companies presented in the report
  • Capital expenditure on development of production capacity, completed and planned
  • Principal sources of orders in the sector of heavy precast concrete products
  • Profitability reported by manufacturers by segment
  • Cement and concrete consumption in the sector
  • Analysis of financial results for several dozen leading manufacturers
  • Profiles of the leading manufacturers
  • Volume of production output and employment figures for manufacturers

What companies are covered in the report?

The report reviews top 50 manufacturers, starting from Pekabex, the market leader, through to companies reporting revenue of up to PLN 20m. Companies covered in the report include: Pekabex, Betard, Goldbeck Comfort, Consolis, Gralbet, Budizol, Scanbet, HM Factory, Strunbet, Precon, Betpref, InBet, Buszrem, Rector, Kon-Bet, Tech-Bet, K-Construction, MD Budinvest, Prefadom, DKP Beton, Plastwil De Bonte, Betomont, Lubar Prefabrykacja.



The report will be particularly useful when:

  • Monitoring the market on a cyclical basis
  • Drawing up a market report
  • Analysing trends within the industry
  • Expanding in the sector of precast units
  • Examining the operations of your company in the context of its competitors
  • Estimating a market share
  • Identifying potential targets for acquisition or cooperation
  • Calculating the consumption of selected materials or semi-finished goods (e.g. cement, concrete, admixtures, fixing systems).

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