Analysis of leading manufacturers of facade materials

Facades and facade materials in Poland 2024-2029

For the purpose of this report, the market of facades and facade materials is defined as the production, or trading in, a wide range of building facade cladding.
The sector presented in the report can be divided into four main categories:

  • ETICS facades (so-called external thermal insulation composite systems)
  • Ventilated facades
  • Facades made of sandwich panels and metal sheet
  • Glass curtain facades.

The report is focused exclusively on facade materials, while it does not discuss the associated facade accessories. Accordingly, the study does not include such products as styrofoam, mineral wool, adhesives, or fastening systems. The only exception from that principle is the segment of sandwich panels, whose value is also driven by the thermal insulation core cost.
Having analysed the number of companies which were not covered in this report that discusses the top 80 manufacturers, and the value of their revenue, we estimate that the 80 companies presented in the report account for almost 90% of facade materials market in Poland. In addition to an analysis of the top 80 companies, the report also presents a market adjustment based on the totality of companies in the sector.



Products presented in the report can be divided into four main categories:

  • ETICS facades
  • Ventilated facades
  • Sandwich panels and metal sheet facades
  • Curtain glass facades.

Further market categories presented in the report

  • Breakdown into 16 regions (total market and by type of facade)
  • Exports and domestic sales
  • Own products and goods for resales (purchased with the aim of resale from third-party suppliers or companies related through equity links).

What you can find in the report:

  • The volume and value of the facade market and its segments, historical and forecast
  • A SWOT analysis of the facade market and its segments
  • The market’s structure by building type
  • The market’s structure by facade type
  • The sector’s geographical structure and an analysis of the regional potential
  • An analysis of financial results for the leading manufacturers
  • Profiles of the leading manufacturers of facade materials
  • The volume of production output and employment figures for manufacturers.

Companies covered in the report:

The report reviews the top 80 manufacturers, beginning from the market leaders (in alphabetical order: Balex Metal, Ruukki Polska, Pruszyński) through to companies reporting up to PLN 10m in revenue. These companies also include Baumit, Bildex Europe, Bojar, Bolix, Caparol, Cembrit, Cerrad, Effector, Farby Kabe, Izopanel, Metzink, Press Glass, Shera, Stac Polska, Steelprofil and Sto.



The report will be accompanied by a detailed Excel database.

Information you can obtain from the database:

  • Full company name
  • Website
  • REGON (industry identification number)
  • NIP (tax identification number)
  • KRS (national court register number)
  • Revenue (by period)
  • Net financial profit/loss (by period)
  • Total headcount – total (by period)
  • Total headcount – production workers (by period)
  • Total headcount – clerical workers (by period).

The report will be particularly useful when:

  • Analysing trends in the industry
  • Drawing up market reports
  • Estimating a market share
  • Expanding into the sector of facade materials
  • Identifying potential targets for acquisition or cooperation
  • Examining how your company performs relative to its peers
  • Calculating the consumption of selected materials or semi-finished goods.

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