About us

We are a team of professionals who provide an extensive array of research support services to executives from the construction industry.

Our mission

Welcome to SPECTIS.
We are a team of professionals who provide an extensive array of research support services to executives from the construction industry. We deliver up-to-date, reliable, complete and useful information and data defining the current and future state of the market.

Our reports, databases, dedicated projects and presentations are extremely useful in building, implementing, monitoring and adjusting the adopted market strategies. Our expertise is utilised to make key decisions on strategic planning, investment processes, finance-related issues, marketing and sales. We provide the right data to make informed business decisions and achieve competitive advantage while maximising sales and improving the bottom line.

Based on information sourced from several dozen sources, we develop a precise market map and help companies use it to achieve business objectives. Additionally, we also host a series of regular business meetings known as “Construction sector in figures” as part of which we actively support market dialogue.

Independence, flexibility, speed, high level of expertise and the practical application of our insights in the business reality ‒ these are the main reasons why construction market leaders opt to rely on analytical support services provided by SPECTIS.

Podpis Bartłomiej Sosna

Bartłomiej Sosna
Construction Market Expert, SPECTIS

Professional experience, awards:

  • 2005-2017, Head Construction Analyst, PMR
  • 2016, Builder Laurels for professional advisory and consultancy services in the construction market area
  • 2004, Finalist, Best Young Economist, SGH Warsaw School of Economics
  • 2004, Finalist, Euromanager Poland
  • 2000, Prizewinner (second place), Economic Knowledge Contest, Polish Economic Society.

Who we support

  • General contractors
  • Specialist contractors
  • Manufacturers of building materials
  • Suppliers of construction machinery and equipment
  • Builders merchants
  • DIY stores
  • Residential developers
  • Commercial developers
  • Banks and brokerage houses
  • Investment funds
  • Designing offices
  • Logistic companies
  • Software providers
  • Central and local government administration entities
  • Marketing agencies, research units, consulting firms

Support areas

  • Creating a company budget and set sales targets
  • Making market forecasts
  • Designing a growth strategy
  • Drawing up a market report
  • Analysing the competitive environment
  • Monitoring the market on a cyclical basis
  • Defining pricing policies
  • Expanding into a new market segment
  • Planning marketing activities
  • Finding new business partners
  • Assessing the market financial condition
  • Understanding the market from a regional perspective
  • Streamlining production capacity
  • Developing a set of key performance indicators
  • Holding an industry conference

Our distinctive strengths


We have amassed several years of experience in researching and forecasting the construction market

Narrow specialisation

Our research activities cover the entire construction sector

Full market picture

Our efforts are not confined to a specific section of the construction industry. We investigate the different sectors in equal measure

Savings in time

We provide access to ready-made analyses updated on a regular basis

Real market picture

In our analyses, we convert raw statistics into a picture of the real market situation

Unique data

We carry out primary research and deliver proprietary development forecasts for the construction sector and its segments

Market dialogue

Our conferences and workshops serve as a platform for the leaders of the construction industry to share knowledge and exchange opinions

Immediate updates

Our analyses of the key market areas are updated immediately upon release of the most recent data

Individual approach

Our exclusive reports covering a specific area of the market help clients in decision-making processes when addressing business challenges

Our competencies

The set of statistics on the construction industry we provide is a complex array of data, which is not easy to translate into market reality. When analysing the data without the requisite experience in the field, you run the risk of making some of the following mistakes:

  • Inappropriate choice of indicators
  • Failure to factor in the seasonality effect
  • Failure to take account of time delay of data
  • Relying on preliminary data rather than final statistics
  • Measuring market share based on partial market value
  • Treating data characterising large construction companies as applicable to the market as a whole
  • Projecting the value of the entire market while neglecting the industry or regional structure
  • Using econometric models without taking into account vital immeasurable factors
  • Taking for granted the value and schedule of investment projects stipulated in the government’s long-term plans

Such mistakes result in a faulty interpretation of the data and distort the actual market reality. Unfortunately, you can encounter them in trade publications on a regular basis. When you have access to our studies, you get the actual picture of the market supported by commentaries from experts.

SPECTIS − By professionals for professionals.