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Building on several years of experience in the provision of services to the construction sector and on an end-to-end approach to Client relationship management, we are the first point of contact for all participants of the investment process, from clients through banks, contractors to suppliers of construction equipment and building materials, when it comes to construction sector research.

Our track record of cooperation with the leading market players and aspiring market leaders allows us to precisely determine what real-life information Our Clients actually need. Our task is to suggest and provide solutions that will guide you to new heights.

We are keen to have a part in construction companies developing in a conscious and sustainable manner, while implementing a healthy and fair cooperation model. We are dedicated to provide an individualised approach, based on partnership, to Our Clients’ needs and priorities.

Bartłomiej Bartnik
Sales Director, SPECTIS
+48 513 600 921
Bartłomiej Bartnik

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