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Welcome to SPECTIS. We are a team of professionals who provide an extensive array of research and analytical support services to executives from the construction industry. We provide the right data to make informed business decisions and achieve competitive advantage while maximising sales and improving the bottom line.

Independence, flexibility, speed, high level of expertise and the practical application of our insights in the business reality ‒ these are the main reasons why construction market leaders opt to rely on analytical support services provided by SPECTIS.

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Bartłomiej Sosna

Bartłomiej Sosna
Construction Market Expert, SPECTIS

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Warsaw Stock Exchange-listed construction companies saw slight improvement in profit margins in 2018

Aggregate revenue reported by more than 20 construction groups whose stock is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange grew by a nominal 9.8% in 2018, which is a meagre rise in real terms, given... czytaj dalej

Polish construction companies upping bid prices to rescue profit margins

Construction companies successfully confronted looming insolvency issues in 2018. However, this does not mean that the risks have been entirely mitigated. Loss-making contracts whose prices were... czytaj dalej

The pace of construction prices remain high

Low interest rates combined with an investment upturn and labour shortage result in a significant upward pressure on building material prices and labour costs. Given the monetary... czytaj dalej


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