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Welcome to SPECTIS. We are a team of professionals who provide an extensive array of research and analytical support services to executives from the construction industry. We provide the right data to make informed business decisions and achieve competitive advantage while maximising sales and improving the bottom line.

Independence, flexibility, speed, high level of expertise and the practical application of our insights in the business reality ‒ these are the main reasons why construction market leaders opt to rely on analytical support services provided by SPECTIS.

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Bartłomiej Sosna

Bartłomiej Sosna
Construction Market Expert, SPECTIS

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WSE-listed construction companies report lower profits as of Q3 2022

19 construction groups listed on the WSE reported nominal revenue growth of 25% y-o-y over the past four quarters, which was largely driven by a continued hike in the prices of labour and... czytaj dalej

Construction market poised to grow 2% in 2022

Despite hard market conditions, the 2022 outlook for the construction sector remains moderately favourable on the back of the results generated in the first half of the year, according to... czytaj dalej

Energy transition of the Polish economy to take at least 20 years

The ongoing war in Ukraine is forcing the energy transition of the Polish economy to be accelerated. There has been an increase in both the number and the value of projects in the pipeline... czytaj dalej


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