Vibration pressed products and heavy prefabrication

Sector of concrete products in Poland, 2024-2029

The report will focus on the two main categories of concrete products: vibropressed products and heavy precast products. The main subsegments of the market, within each of the segments covered in the report, will be subject to analysis as well.

Subsegments covered in the report:

  • Structural precast units (foundations, columns, beams, ceilings, walls, stairs)
  • Precast units for civil engineering works (retaining walls, sound barriers, bridge beams, road slabs, tram slabs, railway sleepers, tunnel tubing elements, lighting columns and electricity poles)
  • Piping, wells, septic tanks, drainage products and other sewage elements
  • Pavers, pavement blocks, curb stones
  • Aerated autoclaved concrete products and other concrete-based wall-building materials
  • Concrete roofing materials
  • Fencing, landscaping features, decorative concrete elements

Information you can find in the report:

  • Historical and projected value of the concrete products market
  • Segment structure of the sector by size and value of production output
  • Geographical structure of the sector and analysis of the regional potential
  • List of manufacturing plants operated by companies presented in the report
  • Capital expenditure on development of production capacity, completed and planned
  • Principal sources of orders in the concrete products sector
  • Profitability reported by manufacturers by segment
  • Cement and concrete consumption by segment
  • Sector consolidation within segments
  • Analysis of financial results for several dozen leading manufacturers
  • Profiles of the leading manufacturers by specialisation
  • Volume of production output and employment figures for manufacturers

The report will be accompanied by a detailed Excel database that can be a useful tool for advanced analysis of the top 150 concrete product manufacturers in Poland.

Information you can obtain from the database:

  • Full company name
  • Website
  • Voivodship
  • REGON (industry identification number)
  • NIP (tax identification number)
  • KRS (national court register number)
  • Principal product specialisation areas
  • Location of production plants
  • Estimated production volume (‘000 m³ of concrete)
  • Revenue (by period)
  • EBITDA (by period)
  • Net financial profit/loss (by period)
  • Revenue segmentation (by period)
  • Employment level (by period)
  • Productivity measures (by period)

The report will be particularly useful when:

  • Monitoring the market on a cyclical basis
  • Drawing up a market report
  • Analysing trends within the industry
  • Expanding in the sector of building products
  • Examining the operations of your company in the context of its competitors
  • Estimating market shares in individual market segments
  • Identifying potential targets for acquisition or cooperation
  • Calculating the consumption of selected materials or semi-finished goods (e.g. cement, concrete, admixtures).

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