Forecasts for construction market and major segments

Construction market in Poland 2023-2030

The report is focused on the future of the broadly-defined construction market, while also presenting the historical time series. Proprietary 7-year forecasts for the three main segments of the construction market – residential, non-residential and civil engineering – as well as for several sub-segments, such as single-family buildings, multi-dwelling buildings, office buildings, hotels, storage facilities, roads, railways and power-generation facilities, are the key component of the report.

Expert commentaries are a valuable feature of the report as they give you additional insights for a better understanding of the current and future market situation and help identify opportunities and threats facing market players. We take a holistic approach to construction market research so that the report incorporates information useful for companies engaged in large-scale construction and firms busy with small projects alike.


The general report is published twice a year, in the spring and autumn.

The spring edition is particularly useful for finding out about the actual performance of the construction sector in the previous year and the prospects for the current year. The spring report provides invaluable support in preparing market reports.

The autumn edition presents a summary of construction activity in the first half of the year as well as projections for the second half of the year. It also features a feasible forecast for the growth of the sector in the forthcoming year. The autumn report is a great support in budgeting and planning activities for the next year.

What is the content of the report?

  • 7-year forecasts for construction output generated in the three segments and several sub-segments of the construction industry
  • Construction output generated by large (more than 9 employees) and small (up to 10 employees) contractors
  • Analysis of leading economic indicators
  • Schedule of projects planned
  • Profitability and liquidity forecasts for construction companies
  • Assessment of the impact of legislative changes
  • Progress of government-led investment programmes
  • Factors driving growth of single-family construction and construction activities conducted by property developers
  • Analysis of long-term strategies followed by major employers
  • Projected price trends
  • Production of building materials
  • Financial situation of the leading construction companies
  • Historical time series going back to 2000.


When you will find the report particularly useful?

  • When making demand forecasts for building materials and services
  • When developing market forecasts
  • When designing a growth strategy
  • When drawing up a market report
  • When planning pricing policies
  • When creating a company budget and set sales targets
  • When planning marketing activities
  • When analysing the labour market in the construction sector
  • When trying to identify the most prospective sub-segments
  • When expanding, or attempting to expand, into the construction market in Poland.


Segments and subsegments covered by this report:

  • Macroeconomic data
  • Construction market in general
  • Civil engineering construction:
    • Road construction
    • Railway construction
    • Heavy industry construction
    • Waterworks
    • Water and sewage construction
  • Non-residental construction:
    • Hotel construction
    • Retail and service construction
    • Office construction
    • Industrial and warehouse construction
    • Public building construction
  • Residental construction:
    • Single-family construction
    • Multi-dwelling construction.
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