Data and forecasts for the 16 regions

Construction market in Poland 2023-2028 – analysis of 16 regions

This report is a comparative analysis of statistical data and forecasts for the 16 regions of Poland. It is a highly valuable solution for reporting, budgeting and strategic planning in regional terms. 5-year forecasts for the three segments of the construction market are an important component of the report.

The report contains a wide range of data that describes and highlights the differences in prevailing conditions within three major construction segments (residential, non-residential and civil engineering) in each of the various voivodeships, along with detailed information about new and upcoming projects and the total number of building permits issued.


What is the content of the report?

  • 5-year regional construction forecasts prepared using a coherent methodology
  • 5-year macroeconomic forecasts for individual voivodships, including projections for GDP change, GDP per capita and demography
  • Value of regional construction output for small (up to 10 employees) and larger (more than 9 employees) construction companies
  • Regional construction output by place where the work is performed
  • Total output as well as data broken down into residential, non-residential, and civil engineering segments
  • Regional investment plans by GDDKiA and PKP PLK
  • Number of active construction companies.


When you will find the report particularly useful:

  • When budgeting at regional level
  • When setting sales targets for individual regions
  • When identifying regions representing the biggest sales growth potential
  • When planning to expand to new regions
  • When strengthening company’s presence in particular regions
  • When monitoring market at regional level
  • When preparing internal regional report.


Segments and subsegments covered by this report?

  • Macroeconomic data
  • Construction market in general
  • Civil engineering construction:
    • Road construction
    • Railway construction
    • Heavy industry construction
  • Non-residential construction:
    • Hotel construction
    • Retail and service construction
    • Office construction
    • Industrial and warehouse construction
    • Public building construction
    • Residential construction
    • Single-family construction
    • Multi-dwelling construction.
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