Construction market data broken down by 380 counties

Construction market in Poland – overview of 380 counties

A county database of construction statistics concentrates on examining residential and non-residential construction segments and their sub-segments. Quarterly and annual data on building permits and housing completions expressed as the number of buildings and their usable floor area are the key components the database. If you want to streamline the structure of your sales network or identify the most promising sales regions, you should use the statistical data broken down by 380 counties. The detailed analytical tool will support you in planning, assessing or modifying sales areas.

What is the content of the database?

  • Counties’ area
  • Current number of citizens
  • Forecasted number of citizens
  • Building permits and building completed
  • Residential buildings
  • Single-family buildings
  • Multi-dwelling buildings
  • Non-residential buildings
  • Hotels and tourist accommodation buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Retail and service buildings
  • Transport and communication buildings
  • Industrial and warehouse buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Other non-residential buildings


When you will find the database particularly useful?

  • Monitoring of sales processes
  • Identification of new sales opportunities
  • Oversight of sales management in the regions
  • List of top counties in terms of sales potential
  • Analysis of trends applicable to buildings completed for use or building permits
  • Comparative analysis of the regions
  • Analysis of special sales areas
  • Augmenting your company’s statistical systems with data on counties.

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