3000 major construction projects

Database of top 3000 major construction projects

The main objective behind the development of the Spectis database is to exercise regular monitoring of project likely to have a key bearing on the future of the construction market and its many segments.
Around 45% of projects included in the database have a value of PLN 10m-100m, excl. VAT, per project. Projects valued between PLN 100m and PLN 200m account for 20% of the database, while a further 20% are projects in the PLN 200m-500m value range. The remaining 15% of the database are projects with a value of over PLN 500m.

The database is available as a downloadable Excel file and it can be conveniently searched by various parameters.

Parameters of database projects:

  • Project name
  • Location
  • Voivodship
  • Net value
  • Project status (planning phase, tender phase, construction phase, completed)
  • General contractor
  • Construction start
  • Construction completion
  • Investor
  • Construction market segment

Construction market segments in the database:

  • One-dwelling buildings (PKOB 111)
  • Two and more dwelling buildings (PKOB 112)
  • Residences for communities (PKOB 113)
  • Hotels and tourist accommodation buildings (PKOB 121)
  • Office buildings (PKOB 122)
  • Retail and service buildings (PKOB 123)
  • Traffic and communication buildings (PKOB 124)
  • Industrial and warehouse buildings (PKOB 125)
  • Public-utility buildings (PKOB 126)
  • Motorways, expressways, streets and roads (PKOB 211)
  • Railways, suspension and elevated railways (PKOB 212)
  • Airfield runways (PKOB 213)
  • Bridges, elevated highways, tunnels and subways (PKOB 214)
  • Harbours, waterways, dams and other waterworks (PKOB 215)
  • Long-distance pipelines, communication and electricity power lines (PKOB 221)
  • Local pipelines and cables (PKOB 222)
  • Complex constructions on industrial sites (PKOB 230)
  • Sport and recreations constructions (PKOB 241)

[PKOB - Polish Classification of Types of Construction]

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