Comparative analysis of leading contractors

Construction companies in Poland 2024-2029

The report examines the current condition of the largest contractors operating in Poland. We concentrate our analytical efforts on a wide range of areas including revenue changes, contracts secured by companies, order books, profitability and liquidity performance, HR policies, assets, growth strategies and capital expenditure. An in-depth comparative analysis of leading contractors is an important added-value of the report. The report also features detailed profiles of several dozen major construction companies.



What is the content of the report?

  • The current value of the contracting market comprising the top 100 construction companies
  • Market prospects for the large contractors segment for the next five years
  • Contractors with the largest market shares
  • Companies that secured the largest numbers of orders
  • Structure of revenues and net profit
  • Rankings of the contractors by segments
  • Review of financial data for construction companies
  • General ranking of contractors listed by segment
  • Backlogs of leading contractors and the structure of orders
  • Profiles of leading contractors.


What companies are covered in the report?

The report reviews top 40 construction groups, starting from Budimex, the market leader, through to companies reporting revenue of up to PLN 200m. Companies covered in the report include: Budimex, Strabag, Porr, Erbud, Mirbud, Polimex-Mostostal, Unibep, Kajima Poland, Intercor, Atlas Ward, Goldbeck, Mostostal Warszawa, Adamietz, Trakcja, Dekpol, Skanska, Warbud, Mostostal Zabrze, Bremer, Colas, ZUE, Eurovia.



When you will find the report particularly useful?

  • Identifying leading contractors operating in the individual sectors of the market
  • Examining the operations of your company in the context of its competitors
  • Monitoring the general market situation
  • Preparing market forecasts for the next five years
  • Expansion within the construction market
  • Calculating market share
  • Identifying potential targets for acquisition or cooperation.

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