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Update of the database of top 3,000 construction companies in Poland

16 sty 2024

The continuing relatively good economic situation in the construction industry and a significant increase in the prices of construction materials and labour have resulted in the total revenues of entities ranked in the database of the 3,000 largest construction companies in Poland increasing by nearly 50% to PLN 290bn in just two years.

We updated our database of the largest construction companies in Poland. Available as an Excel file, the database of construction companies is a useful tool supporting the analysis of the competitive environment in the construction industry. It also comes in handy when you look for a contracting company or a subcontractor. The database is particularly useful when choosing or screening companies by revenue, profitability, specialisation or location.

According to the revenues generated in 2022, there were 34 construction and development groups operating in Poland with revenues exceeding PLN 1bn. This number is twice as high as two years earlier. The total revenues of the group of 34 entities in 2022 amounted to an impressive PLN 68bn compared to PLN 32bn two years earlier. Their share in value in the database of 3,000 companies has also increased significantly - from 16% to nearly 24%.


The market share of entities with revenues in the range of PLN 0.5-1.0bn is much more stable. We have currently classified 55 such entities, compared to 37 two years ago. Their total revenues amount to PLN 38bn, which means an increase of PLN 12bn. However, despite the increase in revenues, the value share in the entire database remained at approximately 13%.

Over the last two years, we also noticed an increase in the number of companies with revenues in the ranges of PLN 300-500m (from 52 to 72), PLN 200-300m (from 54 to 87) and PLN 100-200m (from 206 to 287). However, the value shares of these groups in the total database have not changed significantly.

In total, we managed to classify as many as 535 entities with revenues of over PLN 100m, which constitutes nearly 18% of the entire database, but is responsible for over two-thirds of the total revenues of all companies in the database.


We are constantly working to further develop our database. In recent months we have completed classification of companies based on main activity, thanks to which companies can now be filtered in the database according to the following specializations:

  • Residential construction
  • Non-residential construction
  • Road construction
  • Railway construction
  • Industrial and power construction
  • Other civil engineering
  • Residential property developer
  • Non-residential property developer.


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