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Strabag vs. PORR – Austrian companies put in bid for runner-up spot in the Polish construction sector

23 Sep 2019

Boosted mainly by large-scale road, railway and tunnel construction projects, the backlog of orders secured by the PORR Group in Poland has grown tremendously since the acquisition of Bilfinger Infrastructure in 2015, and its value topped PLN 6.6bn (€1.55bn) as at the end of Q2 2019. Consequently, the gap between PORR and Strabag, in terms of the current value of orders on hand, has been narrowed considerably to just a single medium-sized contract.

Although there is still a gulf between the two construction giants globally (the values of Strabag’s and PORR’s order backlogs stood at €18.3bn and €7.6bn, respectively, as at the end of Q2 2019), we are highly likely to see a new runner-up emerging in the Polish construction market (at least in terms of the order book value, which need not necessarily translate into higher turnover figures immediately). The matter of the fact is that last week PKP PLK and PORR entered into a PLN 1.2bn-plus (€280m) contract for the modernisation of the Kalina-Rusiec Lodzki section of the Central Coal-Trunk Line, following which its backlog will in all probability vastly exceed the PLN 7bn-mark (€1.64bn) as at the end of Q3.

The leader within the Polish construction industry stays at the helm of the industry, and it is unlikely to be unseated anytime soon. As at the end of June 2019, the Budimex Group’s backlog was worth a hefty PLN 11.08bn (€2.58bn). Exciting news is to be expected in the coming quarters from Skanska, which has recently gone through major organisational changes.

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