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Property Forum | Polish construction market to reach new heights in 2020

26 Sep 2019

The autumn edition of the report by research firm Spectis "Construction market in Poland 2019-2025" finds that construction output generated by companies operating in Poland can climb to a record high of €59bn (PLN 250bn) in 2020. For comparison, during the previous business cycle, the construction sector peaked at €45bn (PLN 191bn) in 2011.

At a glance, the amount of PLN 250 billion looks impressive, but it turns out a mediocre score when compared to the fast-growing economy in general. The thing is the construction sector’s contribution to the Polish economy remains significantly below the level seen when preparations for Euro 2012 Football Championship were in full swing. While in 2008-2011 the construction industry accounted for about 12% of gross domestic product, its share is expected to average at 10.5% in 2017-2020. This effectively shows that the investment gap in the Polish industry is over PLN 30 billion a year.

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