Key HR trends in construction

Labour market in the Polish construction sector 2019-2023

The report contains a set of all the relevant indicators describing trends affecting the labour market in the construction sector. It is a valuable source of data, and inspiration, for people in charge of human resources policies. Forecasts presented in the report can be used for various purposes, e.g. to assess how long the shortage of labour and the related pay pressures will continue to affect the construction industry.


What is the content of the report?

  • Results of the quarterly labour force survey
  • Employment in construction by company specialisation and company size
  • Wages in construction by company specialisation and company size
  • Employment change and structure for the largest contractors
  • Number of foreign workers in the construction industry in Poland
  • Results of the employee confidence survey
  • Perception of labour shortage as a major market barrier
  • Productivity in the construction industry
  • Safety at construction site and the number of accidents.


When you will find the report particularly useful?

  • Cyclical monitoring of the labour market
  • Planning pricing policies
  • Preparing HR reports
  • Assessing HR strategies implemented by the market leaders
  • Developing key performance indicators for HR.
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